Here’s the first couple of days of WordCamp Milwaukee. ¬†Actually described how this worked during my Foundation Friday session on Plugins. These will get updated as time goes on. Enjoy!

function fjgwppInit_flickrGal11() { 
				jQuery("#flickrGal11").justifiedGallery({'lastRow': 'justify', 'rowHeight':120, 'fixedHeight':false, 'captions':true, 'randomize':false, 'margins':1, 'sizeRangeSuffixes': { 
			 			'lt100':'_t', 'lt240':'_m', 'lt320':'_n',
						'lt500':'', 'lt640':'_z','lt1024':'_b'}});}if (typeof fjgwpp_galleriesInit_functions === "undefined") fjgwpp_galleriesInit_functions = [];fjgwpp_galleriesInit_functions.push(fjgwppInit_flickrGal11);

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